2. June 2009


New? First time? Let’s take a tour of the House.

Welcome to House of 3! Inspire. Create. Love. That’s what we are all about. To get started, let’s explore the site! House Adornments: We offer unique Jewel Wall Art to adorn your house. Our Limited Edition designs consist of: Chandeliers, Frames & a Lamp. These re-positionable black vinyl stickers are fabulous for creating [...]

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27. May 2009


Creative Gift Giving….for the Class of 2009!

It is that time of year….school is wrapping up and if you have a graduate in your family like we do it is an exciting time! I love it when I have a Senior in the family that is graduating…I remember that feeling of accomplishment and excitement with what the future would hold for me [...]

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18. May 2009


Teacher Appreciation!

Ok, so who’s stumped on what to do for their favorite teachers? Yea, me, too! Creative Gift Giving #2: House of 3 has come up with this cute & versatile kit: Hello Teacher! Totally fun kit to print out as many times as you need!~ and..the great thing is: the kit comes with 6 boys & 6 [...]

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11. May 2009


HOF3 Grand Prize Book Contest Winner

Announcing Maridette Cachola. She did such an awesome job with this project and I know you will love her final results as mush as we did. Her book was fun, funky and creative and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Here are a few photos of her book:                     I love that she made hers [...]

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7. May 2009


Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day starts the season of gift giving. Here, at House of 3, we are ramping up for a whole season of Creative Gifting! From Mother’s Day to weddings. Or graduations to teacher appreciation. And don’t forget Father’s Day, birthdays & all sorts of gift occasions! Be watching as we share ideas, new [...]

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5. May 2009


HOF3 Book Contest Runner Up…

Meet Bobbi-Jo Grunwald, our HOF3 Book Contest Runner Up. We thought her book was fabulous and really focused on her family and what makes her house a home. We had such a hard time choosing these winners as there were tons of great entries but there could only be two winners and this was one [...]

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15. June 2009


Digital Brushes

The world of digital brushes will change your life. Really! They are amazing. We offer tons of digital brushes in our Digital Warehouse. **note: Not all kits will have the ABR brush files in them, so be sure to read the kit description carefully!** There’s also a lot of to learn about them. I don’t overwhelm you, so I’ll [...]

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25. February 2009


getting to know Janet…

I want to share a little more ‘behind the scenes’ stuff ; this time  reveal a closer look at janet’s stuff! Janet Hopkins lives in TX  (Dallas area) w/ her husband and three kids… and is expecting #4! (gasp, we love the inspiration that a new baby brings). She is a passionate scrapbooker; loves photography [...]

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11. February 2009


House of 3 Frames Kit:: Tips n Tricks

House of 3 Frames Kit:: Tips n Tricks

This kit is as easy as 1,2,3! It comes with 1 ABR brush file. (If you need a brush up *no pun intended* LOOK HERE) This brush set includes 4 frames: 1 outlined oval. 1 filled in oval. 1 outlined rectangle & 1 filled in rectangle. **Remember, with a brush you can stamp any color [...]

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6. February 2009


Behind the Scenes-Part 2: freezing

part 2 I used my flip video to film a little of what i was seeing as we were at work, it was amazing to me… you can take an inside peek here: check out my fab little video here (i am trying to figure out how to embed here) After we had finished up with the 3 of [...]

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