Free Valentine Love Coupons!

Sat, Jan 31, 2009


Free Valentine Love Coupons!

February is filled with L*O*V*E! And these cute little ‘coupons‘ are perfect for spreading that love! House of 3 offers this digital kit in a colored PNG file and also a PDF printable sheet.

It’s super a super easy project! I used them here in my Valentine Book, too!


First, you’ll need to register on the site so you can download the kit.


1. Just click add to cart. It will take you to your Shopping Cart. Click Proceed to Checkout.

2. Continue to the process until you have a Download link. Click. Save it on your computer in a safe place. (where you can find it. I usually save them on my desktop for easy finding…then, after I’ve unzipped it I organize it with my digital kits.)

3. Click on the PDF file. This is a Portable Document Format file so you can open it with any kind of program.

4. Load your printer with good paper. i.e. Epson Scrapbook Photo Paper; MATTE. or if you want to make stickers: Avery is good.

5. Print.

6. Cut out.


*On the blank ones: add your own message to your Valentine!

*Make a Valentine with them. (add to a book, put in an envelope, a little tin or a box.)

*Tuck them in hiding places for your Valentine to find.

*Create a Valentine Book & slide them into a clear pocket.


* print them on the Sticker paper & adhere them into the book, too!

*add to the Be Mine Valentines, too!

If you are using the PNG files, they are transparent files which means you can use them digitally. Simply take your Lasso Tool & select the coupon you’d like to use; copy & paste it onto a digital layout, or new image for a blog post or make your own card with a photo!


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44 Responses to “Free Valentine Love Coupons!”

  1. chrissy guido Says:

    Love it all! I am thrilled to see the combined work of you 3 very talented ladies!

  2. leonie- Australia Says:

    Thank you for the freebie & the best of luck with your new venture

  3. Catalina Says:

    Love it!!!! Thank you!!!! and what a wonderful ideas and products you have here

  4. Nancy Wyatt Says:

    Thanks for the freebie! I just bought some blog couture and now going back to by the valentine kit! I plan on shopping here often, you women are awesome!

  5. ros Says:

    this is not a step I’ve taken with my scrapping yet. everything looks so beautiful that i may have to give it a go. awsome looking site and thanks for the freebies.

  6. danielle lozano - australia Says:

    WOW what a great idea i love it thanks for the freebies too….

  7. danielle lozano - australia Says:

    I love this idea fantastic, thank you!

  8. Michelle G Says:

    These are adorable! Thank you!

  9. Yvonne Says:

    Wow I new it was gonna be good, but this is over the top!!!! So glad to see you three combining forces. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us

  10. nancy-Portland Says:

    I am so excited to have stumbled across your new adventure this morning! I can’t wait to look around more to see what the 3 of your amazing, creative, talented minds have put together! Thank You, Thank You, Thank you for sharing your talents!

  11. Nancy-Portland Says:

    I love the coupons! I can’t wait so see what else the 3 of you have up your sleeves!
    Thank you for sharing your talents!

  12. Susan Lussier Says:

    these are so cool, thank you! you girls ROCK!!!

  13. Traci Severson Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful Valentine freebie. I wish all three of you continued success.

  14. Sheila Says:

    Congratulations to the House of 3! Thank you for the valentine freebie, just in time I might add.

  15. Juel Says:

    I wish I could get the projects to download. Maybe so many are doing it that I just can’t get in. I’ll try again later

  16. Dianna Says:

    Love love love it*!* You Rock Rhonna :)

    Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you gals…and for all of us too*!*

  17. kimberly bishop Says:

    help i cant seem to register any suggestions

  18. Tanya Says:

    I’ve ordered a few things in 2 different orders and both are still in processing and one of the orders was 24 hours ago. Is there a glitch in accepting payments that it’s taking so long?? I thought it was just one of my credit cards, but I guess not.
    Anyone else having this issue?

  19. Sophia Allison Says:

    Love this, it is awesome…

  20. chrissy guido Says:

    I also placed two orders and still no download links….hoping someone will respond from customer service today so I can download.
    Beautiful stuff!

  21. rhonna Says:

    Tanya & Chrissy…are you guys taken care of? Still having issues? Email use, k?
    & add me, too:

    We are here to help!

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